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Dizgo for Businesses
Dizgo is a revolutionary new form of advertising that is a brick and mortar business owner's dream come true. Having a slow day? Have excess labor or supply? Now you can create instant demand for your products and services, and immediately get paying customers in the door with just a click of a mouse button.

The Dizgo Advantage
Dizgo was specifically designed to help small-medium businesses address the limitations of traditional advertising. Dizgo's unique system offers:
  • No lead times: Your advertising campaign is live immediately and you are always in complete control: You create it, you start it, you stop it.
  • No up-front risk: A true pay-for performance model means you only pay when customers see and use your advertising to make a purchase.
  • High conversion rates: Nearby consumers are requesting your advertising to influence an immediate purchasing decision.
  • Precision consumer targeting: Get the exact customer you need, when you need them.
  • Reach 16-35 year olds: Connect at eye level with this demographic that is hard to reach with traditional advertising.
  • Environmentally friendly: No paper, no printing, no waste.
How does it work?
We realize you have a business to run, so we made advertising through Dizgo incredibly fast and easy: When you need customers, you log into Dizgo's web-based Advertising Management Portal (AMP) and set up an offer (e.g., "20% off your food order"). You set the terms of the offer and the preferences of how you want to distribute it to mobile consumers:
  • Deal Search: You select the food and beverage categories related to your deal (e.g., Japanese, Healthy, Pub, Coffee) and our patented search system will match consumers' text message requests (e.g., "Sushi", "Salad", "Happy Hour", "Latte") with your offer and provide them the details they need to redeem the deal and make a purchase.
  • Deal Alerts: A digital mailing list allows you to send your offer directly to loyal customers who have opted-in to receive your real-time mobile discounts.
  • Deal Syndication: Get your offer in front of even more local consumers by enabling it to be seen on Dizgo partners' websites and mobile platforms.

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