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What is Dizgo?
Dizgo is reinventing the way people find deals while shopping. Now you can use your mobile phone to request and instantly receive valuable discounts on the specific products and services you are looking for.

No more forgetting coupons at home, with Dizgo, you'll always have quick access to the best discounts and sales from your favorite local restaurants and bars.

And best of all, Dizgo is absolutely FREE to use, it won't cost you a penny!

(Normal text message usage charges from your mobile phone carrier may apply)

Pretty cool, but how does it work?
Dizgo provides two easy ways to get instant discounts on your mobile phone, Deal Search and Deal Alerts.

Deal Search: Send a simple text message to 62350 with what you want a deal on such as "Ski Rental", "Clothing", "Lunch", "Coffee" or "Happy Hour". Dizgo will quickly send you back a text message with the closest related deals currently being offered from nearby establishments.

Deal Alerts: You can be the first one to know about awesome deals going on at your favorite retail establishments by subscribing to receive automatic offers and discount notifications on your mobile phone. Hate Spam? We do too. Dizgo puts you in full control, and you tell us exactly when you want, and don't want to receive your deal notifications from specific stores.

Once you receive a discount that you would like to use, just read the code to the store clerk to redeem the deal.

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